Facebook的只是 announced a partnership with Microsoft 和 seven universities to launch a Deep Fake Detection Challenge. The contest offers a $10 million prize to spur the development of methods to identify, 人工智能 altured videos known as deepfakes.  Artificial intelligence being used to superimpose a person’s face 和 voice on another继续阅读

当监控更广泛的互联网时,对等网状网络应用程序(例如 Bridgefy and FireChat may be the savior to say connected without government surveillance. At least that is what protestors in Hong Kong are trying. The protestors are increasingly trading in SMS, emails 和 China’s social network of choice, WeChat, for off-the-grid messaging继续阅读

政治 reports that Google will be shelling out between $150 和 $200 million to settle an FTC regulatory probe into children’s privacy on YouTube. The investigation launched last year following an massive 来自20个倡导团体的联合呼吁。谁声称YouTube通过收集数据违反了COPPA(儿童在线隐私保护法)继续阅读