I’m Scared Of 脸书 Messenger’新宣布的服务

“顾客希望得到刊登的是广告;他想保留在报纸之外的就是新闻,” — That’在写了大约300个单词之后,我的脑海中的报价飙升 based on a 脸书 Press Release. Let me tell you about 脸书’的公告,然后我’ll解释为什么我感到不安。

脸书’s Announcement

脸书’s Messenger service is a huge source of eyeballs for the social network with more than 1.3 billion active monthly users globally. Now, the company is 引进  新工具可帮助企业“培养客户参与度并促进销售”(即与社交巨头一起花更多的钱)。

The first addition is a chatbot tool able to automate some common activities. 脸书 has this split into two parts.

首先,他们所说的对话式用户界面聊天机器人工具可用于潜在客户的产生。该工具将与现有的CRM集成 软件,可以回答简单的编程问题,并且根据答案, pull in a human for more advanced support. 脸书 says this function will begin rolling out in beta this week.

在我看来,同一个聊天机器人的第二个功能是约会预订。这些新的Facebook Messenger聊天机器人功能将与现有的约会软件集成。自2019年4月底以来,约会计划一直处于beta版本。“对话自动化引擎”将于本周晚些时候全面上市。 脸书表示,今年晚些时候,他们将在这些功能中添加新的分析功能,使公司能够更好地监视销售事件和电子商务订单。

“Businesses can continue the conversation with prospects directly in Messenger and integrate with existing CRM tools to seamlessly to track leads,” wrote Ted Helwick, 脸书’s Director of Product for Messenger Business, in the announcement.

脸书’Messenger的计划还包括对核心界面的一些更改。具体来说,他们将逐步淘汰该服务的“Discover” section. The aim is to emphasize more channels where companies can use Messenger to engage 脸书 users, for example, embedding a 脸书 chat plugin on websites, that normally have nothing to do with 脸书. 

除了这些更改以外,还进行了一些更新,例如将“标准消息”窗口降低到24小时。他们对此有一些例外 更新的消息传递标签,以及与往常一样的广告,相对于赞助商消息。



脸书 is out to become as much of the internet as they possibly can. If a website isn’t 脸书, or owned by 脸书, even if it has nothing to do with 脸书, 脸书 wants to be embedded on the site as a chat-box. The company wants your conversations. They want to be a linchpin in your daily buying and selling.

我今年早些时候 stopped using 脸书 带来巨大的个人利益。但是我’m still on Messenger because I communicated with people using that platform. Most small businesses have very low organic reach using 脸书. 脸书 keeps these businesses active the same way they have managed to keep an audio-recorder in my pocket, by becoming a communication tool I rely upon.

Nothing said by 脸书 about these new features sounds off the mark in my mind. I’ve actively worked with 脸书 marketing since 2012 and I have seen companies make a small fortune using the platform. However, every time, 脸书 eventually changes the rules for everyone.

早在2015年3月, organic reach of 脸书 Pages 跌至2.27%。两年后 BuzzSumo分析了超过8.8亿个 脸书 posts published by brands and publishers and found reach had fallen by an average of 20% from 2016 to 2017. In 2019 my estimation, based on a sample of data from a few hundred pages, is that Organic reach for brands is at under 0.5% on 脸书.


My point is if a local shop, had quickly built 1,500 fans on 脸书 in 2010, but was only reaching 8 people each time they posted, they would stop all efforts and move on. But over time, many small shops gained some value via the platform and became dependent on 脸书. This is also true of the 新闻业 可能还有很多其他

These updates to messenger are a transparent land-grab for business processes. 脸书 wants to be a core part of all businesses. They want the data. They want control. And, if history is any indicator, they will charge more based on increased dependence and diminished choices.

I may be calling out 脸书, and 谷歌 , but based on occupation, I am by default not a trusted news source. However, I hope we can all agree, 脸书, as a company merits skepticism, based on track record.

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    脸书 sucks, we keep getting crap that we have to put in a code to verify our accounts then it what’s a picture, we sent a picture of my wifes drivers license and they disabled her account. 脸书 sucks, they disabled my account for the same reason.

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